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System 1 contents: PowerStream Nozzle Aerator, large strainer, 12" standpipe, 1-1/8" straight thru-hull, 3/4" straight Qwik-Lok socket, 3/4" clamp, 1-1/8" straight Qwik-Lok socket, 1-1/8" clamp, Qwik-Lok pump adapter.

System 2 is a reversible check valve with a threaded port for direct attachment of a centrifugal pump. This allows the pump to perform the filling and recirculation functions of tow pumps. The "AUTO" position will automatically provide all the necessary opening, closing, filling, refreshing, and recirculation functions without any further operator assistance. 

System 3 has all the features of system 2 plus a closed "RECIRC" position that closes the transom intake to prevent outside water from entering. This valve will allow the pump to accomplish the tasks of 3 pumps when used with our Pump-Out / Aerator combo. Filling, recirculation, and pump-out. This valve is our most popular and is ideally suited for low profile boats, such as bass and flat boats. 

System 4 a centrifugal pump is mounted directly to the system 4 valve to allow this pump to provide the functions normally requiring two pumps. The flow-control valve will allow the operator to select "FILL" for initial filling or freshening with new water, or "RECIRC" for closed recirculation and aeration of the livewell water. The optional Pump-out/ Aerator combo will allow the same pump to be used to pump-out the livewell. This valve is primarily used with higher profile boats, such as walleye and bay boats.   

Other parts you may need:
MA-CBL-XX cable    -  Per customer measurement. 6-17 foot cables available in 1 foot increments.
MD-H06 - 3/4" marine hose - sold per foot. Per customer measurements.
MD-H09 -  1-1/8" marine hose - sold per foot. Per customer measurements.
Requires livewell pump. Rule and Attwood livewell and bilge pumps are available on our website.

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